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The Cycle Platform

Effortless Networking

Most platforms require either deep technical knowledge of networking or extra dependencies to support multi-host deployments. With Cycle, everything needed to build global networks is not only included, but fully automated and secured from the start.

Manage Hybrid Infrastructure Anywhere

Infrastructure Abstraction Layer (IAL) ™

Cycle's Infrastructure Abstraction Layer provides a path for organizations to connect, and manage, hybrid infrastructure using a standardized API. Together, the IAL and Platform enables organizations to have visibility and control over their infrastructure whether it's in the cloud, on-premise, or a mixture of each.

Automatically Adapt to Deployments

Integrated Load Balancing

Cycle's load balancer is one of the core services to be automatically included with all environments. The services are built to be self-configuring and require very little customization by users and applications. The result of this approach yields powerful and flexibile load balancing that automatically adapts based on your workloads, traffic, and infrastructure setup.

Global Flat L2 Networks

Per-Environment Networks

All containers on Cycle are deployed into environments. These environments provide a logical separation between different containers and applications in an easy to manage manner. With those environments, Cycle automatically builds, and manages, VXLan networks that span servers, regions, and even providers -- yielding easy to consume global flat L2 networks.

Cloud to Cloud + On-Prem to Cloud Encryption

Fully Encrypted Networks

When Cycle builds its environment and SDN networks, the platform automatically performs a number of tests to figure out which routes will go over public networks versus private out of band (OOB) networks. Cycle will then automatically configure network-level encryption ensuring all public traffic is secure, regardless of where the destination may be.

Multi-cloud DNS in one platform

Unified + Hosted DNS

Cycle's native integrations between its DNS service and other platform components create a seamless and highly responsive DNS architecture that simplifies your networking experience. With its user-friendly interface, support for automatic TLS certificates, and effortless adaptation to load balancer changes, Cycle's DNS ensures a smooth and efficient environment for your organization.

All the tools needed to build platforms

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