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The Cycle Platform

Deploy infrastructure, upload containers, and scale. Cycle is the world's first fully-managed container orchestration platform which automatically receives weekly updates. No configuration or ongoing maintenance required.

Own your data + compute, leave the rest to us.

Our Platform, Your Infrastructure

After connecting Cycle to your desired cloud provider(s), use the portal/API to begin deploying infrastructure. Whether you need virtual machines or bare metal servers, our partners have you covered.

As these servers boot, they'll automatically connect to Cycle's core to download the latest version of CycleOS, and our compute service.

Whenever a new platform update is scheduled, servers will automatically download, verify, and reinitialize within a matter of minutes.

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Online in 6 Steps

The Process

Whether you're building the next global product or creating a simple marketing website, all deployments begin with the same process on Cycle.

Connect Cloud Provider(s)
Choose a cloud provider, or multiple, from our growing list of partners. Associate an API key with Cycle and get started.
Deploy Infrastructure
Easily deploy virtual machines, bare-metal servers, or a mixture of both. Your containers, data, and more will live on these nodes.
Import Container Images
Connect to DockerHub. Perform builds directly from Git repos. Integrate with your hosted container registry. Whichever path you prefer, Cycle makes it easy to import your containers.
Deploy Containers
From either the portal or API: choose a container image, apply a config, and initialize. Cycle will automatically handle all networking, discovery, load-balancing, and more.
Create DNS Records
Create a Linked record and Cycle will handle everything from TLS certificates to automatic https redirection, learning all necessary IPs along the way.
Monitor + Scale
Out of the box monitoring, one-click scaling, and powerful debugging tools that will have your team adding one more 9 to your 99.9%
We'll shine the light, you choose the path

Features for Any Use Case

Infrastructure Management
Scale up, down, or side to side as Cycle empowers you to take control of your infrastructure like never before.
Automatic Platform Updates
Fully Automated Networking (Multi-Cloud)
Multi-Provider Provisioning API
Atomic Operating System (CycleOS)
Access to 40+ Data Centers / Regions
Hybrid Infrastructure (Virtual + Bare-Metal)
Server Telemetry / Monitoring
Automatic Kernel Updates
IPv6 Native + IPv4 Support
GPU Powered Infrastructure
Deployment Pipelines (Automation)
Intuitive Portal
Full-Featured API
Pre-Defined Deployment Strategies
Git Integration
Centralized Access Management
Container-Level SSH/Console
One-Click High-Availability (HA)
Per-Environment VPN
Container Image Storage
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
DevOps Tools
Having powerful DevOps tools at your fingertips, with zero configuration, doesn't have to be a dream anymore. Cycle makes it a reality.
Application Enhancement
Write code. Create Integrations. With Cycle, you can spend more time building your applications and less time managing them.
Seamless Service Discovery
Automatic TLS / SSL Certificates
Integrated Load Balancing
One-Click Reimaging
Easy DNS Management
Per-Volume SFTP Access
Stacks (Bundles)
SECCOMP By Default
Health Checks
Telemetry / Monitoring Webhooks
Options to Meet Your Needs

Support Plans

Standard Business Critical
Live Chat + Slack
Engineering Support
Uptime SLA
Guaranteed Response Time
Ready to Dive In?

Documentation + Community

Learn more about how the Cycle platform makes running containerized applications simple. Additionally, we welcome you to join our growing community!

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The All-In-One Platform For Developers

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