Who We Are

We’re a passionate crew of incredibly determined individuals who are focused on building the best platform for powering the next generation of cloud applications. An emphasis on quality is embraced and encouraged within Cycle as we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We won't release anything we wouldn't use ourselves.

Working at Cycle

It doesn't require a team of thousands to change the world, just a tight group of highly focused and passionate people. At Cycle, we look for the most highly motivated individuals who are never afraid to learn new things, where every day is a new and unsolved challenge. Cycle isn’t just about running applications, we’re striving to facilitate new ideas and making it easier than ever to share with the world.


A Petrichor Company

Petrichor, Inc., founded in 2013, is Cycle's parent company. For information about our leadership, investors, or non-Cycle specific press releases please visit http://petrichor.io.

Our Investors

CoreNetwork Fund

Our Office

80 W. First St.
Suite B
Reno, NV. 89501