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Know your costs before you start.
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How many GB of RAM does your cloud have?

75 GB
$0.00 / GB

Suggested Cycle Tier

Support Plans

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    First Month Free

    Sign up using the code TRYCYCLE and get the first month of Lite tier for free.


    What is a tier and what are the differences?

    Cycle manages billing through licensing tiers. Each tier has an allotment of RAM associated with it, and every server you “connect” to Cycle will count toward this allotment. Any connected RAM over the allotment is charged at the overage price.

    When am I charged?

    You'll be charged when you place an order, or whenever your order renews. Placing an order means selecting an initial tier/support plan during hub creation, or upgrading your tier during your billing cycle.

    If I downgrade my tier, will I receive a refund?

    You'll be issued a credit for the remaining days of your current tier, and charged for the remaining days of the billing period at the new tier.

    Can I use my own infrastructure?

    At this time, you may only use the infrastructure from providers we’ve partnered with. That said, our goal is to allow CycleOS to be installed on any infrastructure.

    Can I pay with a bank account or wire?

    At this time we only allow payment with a debit or credit card. If you have more advanced billing needs, please contact our support team.

    Do you offer discounted pricing to non-profits?

    We are happy to work with non-profit organizations. To request discounted pricing, please contact our support team.

    Does each tier come with every feature?

    With the exception of support, all features are made available to all of our users at no additional charge.

    Is RAM licensing hard capped?

    No. Overages give you the ability to scale without having to upgrade to the next tier until it makes sense. See the calculator above to determine the best tier for your usage needs.

    How long is a billing cycle?

    You will be charged based on a 28 day cycle. However, your tier will renew on the same day of the month that you signed up.

    How many containers can I deploy?

    You can deploy as many containers as you can fit on your infrastructure. Cycle only charges based on the infrastructure you connect. However, there is a default limit of 10 containers per CPU core.

    Does my cost change with the number of containers I deploy?

    Not a bit! The infrastructure is yours to use as you wish. You can even overcommit your containers to maximize utilization if needed.

    Can I pay with a prepaid card?

    Authorized accounts can use prepaid cards. If you need to pay with a prepaid card, please reach out to support.