The Next Wave of DevOps

The Cycle Manifesto

DevOps has become far too complex. From an ever-growing landscape of open source projects to the cloud services built to manage them, organizations are now suffering under the weight of too much technical debt and upkeep. Technologies adopted with good intentions now stifle innovation more than they accelerate it.

We're here to fix that.

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A Return to the Fundamentals

Deliver Simplicity Without Compromise

Navigating the spectrum between "customize everything" and "one-click simplicity" reveals few solutions in the middle. On one side, DevOps teams have complete control, able to adjust any parameter necessary but at the cost of extreme knowledge requirements and massive technical debt. Conversely, "one-click simplicity" allows easy entry for engineers but limits the scope and complexity of their projects.

It's our mission to provide a platform that strikes the ideal balance between simplicity and flexibility, offering enough structure to eliminate complexity while still allowing teams the freedom to bring their visions to life.

  • Opinionated Where It's Important

    Not everything needs to be deeply customizable. Instead, we focus on building solutions that focus on stability, integrity, and performance.

  • Flexible Where It's Needed

    While purpose-built solutions decrease the available surface for bugs/issues, its equally important that teams are empowered to make the platform adjust to their requirements.

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Purpose Built From The Start

Double Down on the Things That Matter

While it's incredible to see how many different tools and services exist within the Cloud Native Landscape, we've now reached the point where there are too many options.

In the early days of Cycle, we were encouraged by many to take the familiar path: build on top of Docker, Kubernetes, or at the time, CoreOS. Utilizing an open source project could have saved us years worth of engineering, but we wanted to significantly change the way we approached DevOps -- not just add another layer to an already complex stack.

To yield meaningful change for organizations, we knew we'd have to build from the ground up.

  • Be Always Up-to-Date

    Every component of Cycle has been developed in a way that allows automatic updates. With over eight years of building Cycle, and deliverying bi-weekly updates, we've gotten this down to a science. Gone are the days of 6-month release iterations!

  • Utilize Fewer Moving Parts

    The greater the number of external dependencies a system relies on for operation, the more likely it is to encounter compatibility issues or unforeseen bugs. Cycle's vertically integrated approach empowers us to deliver the tools teams need -- all in one platform.

  • Be Predictable

    Whether it's the API, the portal, or the platform itself, it's critical that users can expect reliable, and consistent, behaviors and results.

  • Limit Unnecessary Hype

    While it's important to have the tools required for our users, it's too easy to say 'yes' to every feature request. We aim for quality over quantity and prioritize features based on impact as opposed to hype.

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