Cloud Orchestration
is broken.

Far too many companies have been falsely convinced they have the same technical requirements as Fortune 500 corporations. Instead of utilizing solutions that solve today's problems, companies are adopting evergrowing technical stacks that delay progress more than accelerate it.

We're here to fix that.

Our Mission

Double Down on the Things that Matter

In a space as complex as cloud and container orchestration, it's easy to end up in the weeds -- exploring new technologies is always a blast.

While development and DevOps teams may have good intentions, chasing these hyped-up technical stacks can bring more harm, than help, to their organizations.

Cycle was developed to empower these teams with the features needed to get the job done, without getting in the way.

To execute on this mission, there are four goals we've always kept at the forefront:

Be Developer-Friendly
Any developer, who has a basic understanding of containers, should be able to utilize Cycle without requiring assistance from a DevOps team.
Always Current
A system that requires manual patches or updates will eventually fall behind, many times forgotten about. Every component of Cycle needs to support automatic updates.
Limit Hype
It's easy to say 'yes' to every feature request, but it's more important to have a platform that always works, with less features, over a feature-packed platform that's not stable.
Be Predictable
Whether we're dealing with APIs, the portal, or any other component within Cycle, users should be able to assume, and expect a result without needing to consult the documentation.
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Simple Cloud Orchestration Without Compromise

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