Jan 19th, 2023 - Jake Warner, Founder and CEO

Introducing Cycle's Support for Google Cloud Platform

Our goal has always been to automate and standardize the management of infrastructure and deployment of applications across user infrastructure. Today, we are excited to announce that we've launched support for Google Cloud (GCP), expanding our natively supported providers list and further expanding the choice, flexibility, and reach the platform offers to current and new users.

With this new integration, users can deploy, manage, and scale their containerized workloads to GCP compute infrastructure. This addition further drives home the value of our multi-cloud native approach, giving the power to take full advantage of GCP compute, while still maintaining control over your data and retaining ownership of the underlying infrastructure.

Google Cloud makes up 11% of the addressable market for cloud infrastructure services.

This integration now opens the door for any existing GCP user to quickly adopt Cycle, and for our existing user base to pick up GCP compute within minutes of making an account. A win-win for consumers.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

In 2019 our team decided to re-engineer the platform to support users owning their own infrastructure. This allowed us to provide a true multi-cloud native solution all while maintaining the LowOps paradigm.

A few months ago we were excited to launch the Infrastructure Abstraction Layer (IAL), the next evolution of our approach to running Cycle anywhere. This technology made it possible for users to start running Cycle on-prem, in colo’s, or basically any hybrid type environment.

We used the IAL technology to facilitate the implementation of GCP to our platform and got the integration done in record time. An exciting achievement for the company and for our user base!

Mutli and Hybrid Clouds

Over 70% of Cycle users are consuming compute infrastructure from more than one provider. Now, with the additional power and choice that GCP brings to the table, those users can push their compute architecture to new heights with more redundancy, choice, locations, and configurations

Users currently deployed to GCP that are looking to make the switch to the Cycle platform can quickly get up and running. We’ve put together this guide to help you hook up your existing account and get some infrastructure online quickly.

There's so many things on the horizon for the Cycle platform. Adding GCP is a huge step toward supporting more of the total addressable cloud market and gives another huge boost to the flexibility, choice, and multi-cloud native approach Cycle brings to the table. To stay in tune with whats coming next from Cycle make sure to follow our socials on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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