Dec 6th, 2022 - The Cycle Team

Cycle is the LowOps approach to platform engineering.

If you're involved in deploying and managing applications and servers, you know that it is a complex and resource-intensive process. Container orchestration platforms help automate the deployment, scaling, and management of your applications, but the challenges don’t stop there. Everything from the way applications communicate, down to the underlying infrastructure they run on, exposes vulnerabilities, complexities, and builds up technical debt. Packaging up applications into a container and deploying it is just the first step of many.

But what if there was an alternative that could make this process even easier and more efficient? This is the core principle of LowOps - abstracting away the implementation details of how applications are managed, so that a platform engineer – even someone without existing DevOps experience – is able to describe what it is they want, and the platform itself is responsible for making it happen. There are hundreds of small decisions that need to be made, and they all need to interoperate perfectly, otherwise your technical debt will grow into a mountain. Fixing it will become a herculean task…that will cost an absurd amount of money.

Using fundamental technologies such as containers, a LowOps platform will handle everything from provisioning infrastructure to automating the deployment and scaling of applications, while minimizing the details of networking across multiple cloud providers, on-premise infrastructure, CI/CD, and security updates/patches.

A truly powerful LowOps platform, however, will do all the above, without taking away any of the customizability you’d get by building out all of your DevOps ecosystem by hand. This is the Cycle Platform. Cycle has been designed from the ground up over the past 7 years to simplify every single aspect of DevOps, and distill that power into a single pane of glass. This has a plethora of advantages. First, a single pane of glass means there is generally only one tool platform engineers will need to be trained on. Forget learning every AWS/GCP service under the sun, kubernetes, CI/CD integrations, HAProxy, DNS tooling, etc. Cycle will handle the details.

Second, Cycle empowers platform engineers to do more with less. Before Cycle, building a hybrid cloud ecosystem was reserved for only the largest companies with the top tier DevOps engineers, and cost millions of dollars to do correctly. Using Cycle, a platform engineer could build out and scale a hybrid cloud solution in an afternoon, if they stopped to take a few coffee breaks. Cycle even integrates natively with popular cloud providers, such as GCP and AWS, abstracting them into a single flow for provisioning infrastructure across all of them, simultaneously.

Finally, Cycle eliminates technical debt by focusing on core technologies such as containers, paired with automatic upgrades and security patches without fear of downtime or exposing yourself to vulnerabilities. Your applications will be on the latest stable version of Cycle, and you can rest easy knowing that your core business is secure and up to date.

💡 Interested in trying the Cycle platform? Create your account today! If you need any additional assistance setting up and using the Cycle Certificate Manager, get in touch with us via the Cycle Slack community to connect with our dev team and other Cycle users.