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The Developer-Friendly Container Platform

Cycle provides developers with the capabilities of an elite DevOps team at 1/10th the cost.
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Simplicity Without Compromise

Container Orchestration Meets SaaS

Containers have changed the way developers build, deploy, and scale software. Unfortunately, the adoption of containers has also lead to an ever-growing stack of technical debt and responsibilities for teams to manage.

Interested in utilizing containers, on your own infrastructure, without having to deal with the OS, networks, or a container orchestration layer? Welcome to Cycle.

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Always Up-to-Date
Stop dealing with OS patches and orchestration layer updates; Cycle automatically delivers platform updates to all servers.
Automate Everything
Deployment pipelines, automatic TLS / SSL certificates, and more. Cycle is there when you need it -- and out of the way when you don’t.
Bring Your Own Infrastructure
Effortlessly deploy infrastructure from any of our supported providers. Own your data and your applications while we handle the rest.
Develop Faster
Cycle was built for both experienced developers and new users alike. Manage containers, servers, DNS, and more, all on one platform to save time and resources.
Built for Teams
From quickly onboarding new members to easily managing user access, Cycle’s portal has everything needed for a team to grow.
Secure by Default
All services and configurations are secure from the start, reducing the likelihood of mistakes that could lead to a security exploit.
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Empowering Developers

Remove DevOps Complexity

Cycle was built to easily integrate with existing development processes without requiring a team of DevOps engineers to get involved.

Container Orchestration that Requires No Configuration or Maintenance
Deploy Infrastructure + Containers Across Multiple Cloud Providers
Easily Run Both Stateful and Stateless Workloads
Integrate With Existing Git Repos + CI (Continuous Integration) Tools
Create Isolated Environments + Networks With One Click
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What Our Customers Have to Say

From fintech and real estate to infrastructure and gaming, we’ve empowered companies around the world to do what they do best.

Curious if Cycle is right for you? Check out what our customers think of us.

Naru from Aptus Engineering Headshot
"Cycle has become a critical tool for Aptus. The platform is so valuable to us that it has become our default for managing our cloud deployments, saving us well over $200k/yr."
Narendran Muraleedharan
CEO & Founder @ Aptus Engineering
"At the end of the day, scaling a dev shop really comes down to how much value you can deliver on each project. With Cycle that’s been a lot easier for us."
David Conforti
Managing Partner @ Varfaj Partners
"Cycle distills the chaotic bog of operational toolsets into a tasteful collection of what is merely necessary."
Joshua Kifer
Engineer @ Plunk
"As a tech lead who had very little exposure to DevOps prior to using Cycle, the platform has given me the abilities you'd traditionally hire a DevOps team to handle. While Cycle definitely simplifies deployment processes and infrastructure management for us, the platform takes it to the next level by continuously releasing automatic updates and features without requiring any efforts on my end. Using Cycle has been a huge timesaver, which allows me to focus on actual development work."
Matt Mendez
Developer @ Square8 Logistics
"Cycle has been a huge time and cost saver for our team, simplifying what used to be a chaotic workflow into a one-stop-shop for managing our cloud infrastructure and deployments. The intuitive web-based interface makes it easy to learn for the experienced DevOps engineer and new users alike."
Brent Kellohen
Director of IT @ Multus Medical
Michael from Aptus Engineering Headshot
"We were expecting to hire two full-time DevOps engineers to facilitate the management of our growing portfolio of applications and to hedge against the inherent technical debt of other solutions we had considered like Kubernetes. With Cycle we were able to remove the need for dedicated DevOps engineers, saving us ~$275,000 a year, and bring our existing team fully up to speed within a couple weeks of use."
Michael Bumann
CEO @ Red Dot Management
"Cycle makes the complex and time-intensive tasks involved with maintaining clusters incredibly simple while also offering a level of support that is unrivaled in the cloud space."
Emilio Garza
Engineer @ Illuno
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The Cycle Podcast

Cycle’s podcast series provides an opportunity to share our journey though in-depth conversions with customers, partners, and industry visionaries. Join us by checking out our most recent podcast.

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Simple Cloud Orchestration Without Compromise

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