We Handle the Logistics.

There's a lot of room for errors when running at scale. Take the guesswork out, and let Cycle run the show.

Perfectly Calibrated.

Whether running a single container or thousands, Cycle continuously monitors the state of your applications. Scale up or down automatically as your resource demands fluctuate.

Auto Scaling

Set a range and Cycle will automatically increase or decrease running instances of your container based on resource demands. Unused instances get shut down, and save you money. Traffic is distributed across instances, ensuring your containers are able to be reached under heavy loads.

Average Time To Start 10 Instances [1]

Geographic Redundancy

Rest easy knowing that it will take more than one disaster to bring your application down. With multiple data centers on multiple continents, Cycle ensures your users experience peak performance regardless of where they are.

As of February 2017
Single Points of Failure
Average DNS Update Across Cycle
Average Automated Restart

Self Repair

Cycle attaches directly to your container, where it constantly listens for status updates. The second an unexpected shutdown occurs, the platform attempts to restart it, minimizing downtime and alerting you in the process.

Metrics / Analytics

Developers love data. Our crew is no exception. We want to provide not only metrics, but also the power of insight so you can use that data to make real world improvements in your applications.

Coming later this year, full metrics will be available in our portal - everything from where most traffic to your container originates, to how many milliseconds it takes for your containers to start. The Cycle crew is working overtime to make sure this feature is everything we want it to be.

March 2017
  • 1 - Deploying 10 instances of a 100MB container image for the first time. Future starts will be less than 2 seconds.