Containers Should Be Easy.

By simplifying the complexity of container orchestration and management, Cycle allows you to do more with less effort.

Simplicity Without Sacrifices

Just because it's simple and easy to use doesn't mean it needs to be limited. We've worked tirelessly to ensure the full breadth of Cycle's power is easily accessible and not overcomplicated.

Cycle's Portal, Your Command Center

We built Cycle's entire portal on the same API that is available to our users, ensuring anything that can be done in the API can be done in our portal.

No Console Required
Today, most container platforms require a high level of techinical skill to accomplish even the most basic of tasks. We took a different approach, and instead designed an interface that makes deploying and managing containers a walk in the park.
Real-time Updates
Stay up to date and know the state of your applications at any point in time. Watch container deployments, image builds, and more as they happen - all without refreshing or jumping between interfaces.
Collaborate without having to share passwords or log in to multiple accounts. Seamlessly switch between all teams you are a member of to manage multiple projects at the same time.
Usage Visualizations
See your stats and metrics come to life in interactive charts and graphs. Get a bird's-eye view of your applications.
Easy Access to Support
The portal integrates a robust ticketing system, so that help is only a click away. For our higher tiers, integrated live chat and phone support is available.
Billing at a Glance
Get an overview of how much each container costs, and how much has been spent down to the minute since your last invoice. Upgrade your tier and enable new features without having to go anywhere else.

Straight-Forward API

As developers, we understand the pain caused by working with complicated and undocumented APIs. That frustration is part of the reason we built Cycle in the first place. We consume our own API, so you know it is built to be as stable and easy to use as possible.

Seamless Integration
Leverage the full power of Cycle by automating deployments and launching containers from within your own code, no portal required.
Simple JSON Format
Utilize an intuitive JSON document format when interacting with the API. Create tasks to automate complex tasks with ease.
Always Secure
OAuth 2 is the standard and secure way to authenticate over the web. It is well documented and there are many libraries to help you get started right away.
Ready To Use Libraries
As a service to our users, our crew has built Go and Typescript based Node.js packages that are ready to use today. We fell in love with these two languages, and hopefully you will too.

Quick Deployment

Using the tools you are already familiar with, easily import your container images directly into Cycle. Once imported, you can deploy multiple instances in as little as a few seconds.

Average Time To Build an Image [1]

Cycle integrates directly with DockerHub, meaning thousands of images are already built and ready to deploy. Import from either public or private repos straight into your Cycle account.

Git Repositories

Instead of building locally, link your public or private Git repositories to Cycle and have our platform perform the builds for you. Cycle automatically will determine which type of image needs to be built. Currently we support Docker images, with more coming soon.

By placing a Dockerfile in the root of your repository, Cycle will perform a Docker build and export an image.

Full OCI image support coming soon.

Integrated DNS

Configuring DNS is tedious and often requires managing additional infrastructure or maintaining an account at a DNS provider. Cycle removes the hassle and simplifies the process. Point your domain to Cycle’s nameservers and manage everything in one place. With Cycle, you can directly associate domains with containers.

As an additional benefit of using Cycle's DNS, our platform can automatically generate SSL/TLS certificates and geographically route traffic to ensure the best experience for your users.

Average DNS Update Across Cycle [2]

Managed Infrastructure

As perfectionists who strive for limiting external variables we can't control, we've put a lot of time in full vertical integration. By developing most of the components needed to power a platform like Cycle in-house, we are able take control of the entire stack from the hardware up, where we can guarantee quality and stability without relying on third parties.

The industry is trending toward DIY solutions, which require you to maintain your own infrastructure - we approach the issue differently. By managing the infrastructure for you, our crew can provide a better quality experience across the board, allowing you to focus on building your applications instead of worrying about managing servers.

That being said, we put a lot of care into our infrastructure. We have redundancy at every level, use all solid-state drives, and don't saturate our hardware. This ensures all of our users experience the performance they expect.

Transparent Networking

Create isolated environments without knowing anything about networking. All instances within an enviornment are given their own private IP allowing them to communicate without additional configuration. You don't have to be a network engineer to use Cycle.

  • 1 - Average Build Time is based on a 100MB image of package installations (yum, apt-get, apk).
  • 2 - DNS Update time is the amount of time it takes for a DNS change to be applied globally to all Cycle infrastructure. This does not include external propogation time as Cycle has limited influence with global resolution servers.