Always Be Protected.

Security shouldn't be an afterthought. Cycle proactively takes steps to prevent you from being the next victim.

Fortify Your Applications.

Security is a challenge when doing it yourself, especially at scale. Cycle provides a watchful-eye over your containers even when you can't - isolating everything by design.

Automatic Certificate Refresh Time

Automated TLS / SSL

Up until recently, configuring SSL/TLS certificates has been a major pain. Depending on the kind of certificate you buy, it could waste several hours trying to purchase then configure it properly. Forget to renew on time? Your users may now experience downtime or issues reaching your websites or services.

Cycle makes it incredibly easy install certificates across your containers. When creating a container, simply choose which domain you'd like to use then select 'Enable TLS/SSL'. Assuming your domain is pointing towards Cycle's Hosted DNS service, our platform will communicate with a Certificate Authority and automatically generate then install the certificate into that container's instances.

Isolated Environments

On Cycle, your containers are grouped into environments as you create them. Within each environment, your containers are automatically joined into a private network ensuring secure communications. In this network, intances can access each other via both the hostnames you provided or their private IP addresses.

Access Control Lists (ACLs)

When it comes to security, it is always best to disable everything and only allow what you need. Cycle integrates Access Control Lists in several ways. Lock down your volumes with an IP based whitelist, allowing you to specify who can connect via SFTP, and who can access your data. If working in a team, Cycle provides a role-based permission system, allowing you to limit the abilities of members in that team.

March 2017

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is another feature Cycle is implementing to give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your accounts. With 2FA, every time you log in to your Cycle account, a time-sensitive code that must be entered to complete login is sent to your phone. This way, even if someone were able to gain access to your password, they still wouldn’t be able to login without having your device as well. This will be a huge addition to our safety arsenal, and we will start providing this feature March 2017.