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The disjointed state of container orchestration drove us to create something better. With Cycle, we've gone to great lengths to simplify even the most complex tasks, turning what used to be a chore into the best part of deploying your app.

container orchestration

Developing your applications is only half the battle. Even with containers, deploying, scaling, and managing a live application is a full time job. Cycle comes jam packed with features to make container orchestration easier than ever.

Environments & Stacks

Combine related images into stacks and automate their deployment into privately networked groups of containers called environments.

managed dns

Connect your containers to your domains and manage all of your DNS settings from Cycle.

built-in scaling

Load balance behind HAProxy automatically, and scale up based on CPU utilization

OCI Compliant

Built from the ground up to support THE container standard, Cycle is capable and committed to running everything from Docker to rkt.

GIT Integration

Automatically build and deploy image stacks from a single repository, set up hooks and tie branches to environments. Commit your code and Cycle will handle the rest.

Docker Registery Support

Get started right away by pulling in your favorite Docker images directly into Cycle. There is built-in support for both public and private registries, including Docker Hub.


Master Your DevOps Workflow

There's no reason container and infrastructure management can't be this easy. Cycle's portal takes things further by offering both basic and power features for that extra fine-grained control. What was once a series of daunting tasks becomes the most enjoyable part of the process.

Visualize The Complex

Watch it all happen in real time as Cycle brings your creations to life. Whether it's importing a stack, deploying a container, or watching the gears turn on CycleOS as your applications run, Cycle's portal gives you the power to watch and control every aspect without touching the command line.

Task Based API

If you're in need of more in depth control or want to integrate directly into Cycle, our REST-based API offers the same level of control accessible in the portal. Built for volume and scale, tasks are able to be queued up and run asynchronously, while a websocket pipeline lets you know what's happening at any time.

Start all containers in an environment

POST /v1/environments/{id}/tasks HTTP/1.1
Host: api.cycle.io
X-Project-ID: {project}
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {token}
Cache-Control: no-cache

  "action": "start"


  "data": {
    "action": "start",
    "job_id": "5a7136d178ecdb0001cf7bbd"

Iron-Clad Security

Built from the ground up for running containers efficiently and securely, CycleOS sets a new standard. It has a wafer-thin attack surface, runs on a read-only filesystem, and boasts a 50MB download size. It's smart enough to update itself and ensures the only thing your servers are worried about is what you put on them.

Always up to date

No extra dependencies

Encrypted private networks

Granular security

Automated TLS

Not only is remembering to update your TLS certificates a hassle, forgetting could cost you big time. Cycle's automated TLS remembers to renew on time, every time, so you don't have to.

Private Networks

The internet is rife with danger, and any data you put on it could be at risk. Cycle groups containers into environments, creating private networks between them so that nothing touches the internet that doesn't have to.

ACLs + Whitelist

Cycle takes a deny-by-default approach, ensuring that the only ones with access to your containers are the ones you specify. Get granular control over who can view or manage every aspect of your ecosystem.

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