February 16, 2022

Cycle.io: a container orchestration platform aimed at developers

Story by Twain Taylor in The New Stack

Today, many of these organizations are looking elsewhere to simplify cloud operations without sacrificing capabilities, something that’s becoming a thing of the past. Enter Cycle.io — a "developer-friendly container orchestration platform."

Cycle was developed to alleviate many of the complexities that accompany the adoption of Kubernetes with the goal of getting developers back to focusing on code while alleviating the need for large DevOps teams in the process.


Cycle.io CEO and founder Jake Warner, stated:

“We take a bold approach on container orchestration by focusing on what we refer to as ‘the 80% rule.’ Most companies don’t require a majority of the features and capabilities that come with platforms like Kubernetes. By staying hyper-focused on where we spend our time and prioritizing quality over quantity, the Cycle platform is able to provide a solid and stable foundation for companies of all sizes without massively increasing technical debt or requiring additional teams to manage it.”


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Simple Cloud Orchestration Without Compromise

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