September 2, 2021

Deploy Containers on Vultr's Bare Metal with Cycle

We all care about power and simplicity. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that users can now utilize Cycle's container orchestration platform with Vultr's Bare Metal! With this partnership, developers no longer need to sacrifice performance for simplicity. Instead, you can now deploy Vultr's bare metal servers, high-performance virtual machines, and containers, all through Cycle’s portal and API -- creating a unified experience for all of your applications.

Cycle makes container deployments easy, removing the pain and frustration from what is traditionally a complex process. The platform does this through automatic platform updates, an easy-to-use interface, a full-featured API, and other automation features.

Cycle and Vultr have very similar missions: empowering developers by simplifying the deployment and management of infrastructure. By pairing Vultr’s powerful and scalable infrastructure offerings with Cycle, developers are empowered to build the next generation of products and services without dealing with the complexities of managing infrastructure.

Mix and match different server configurations and regions. Need Bare Metal for a heavy backend but virtual machines for the frontend? No problem. Regardless of your desired setup, Cycle is built to abstract and standardize all deployments. Additionally, all servers connected to Cycle automatically receive all platform updates -- forget about having to maintain your underlying orchestration software… or even the operating system.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Create an account at both and Cycle
  2. Generate a Vultr API key and save it to your Cycle hub
  3. Provision new Vultr servers from Cycle’s portal
  4. Upload and deploy your Docker containers

Check out this Vultr Doc for more detailed instructions on How to Configure Vultr as a Cycle Provider.

Get started with Cycle + Vultr here.

New to Vultr? Create an account and receive a $50 credit towards your infrastructure!

About Vultr:

Vultr®, created by Constant, is a leading independent cloud platform on a mission to simplify global cloud infrastructure by enabling developers, startups, SMBs, and enterprise teams frictionless deployment of high-performance cloud computing solutions worldwide. Founded in 2014 by developers and infrastructure experts, Vultr has made it a priority to offer a standardized, highly reliable cloud compute environment so developers can spend more time coding and less time managing infrastructure. Vultr proudly serves over 1.3 million developers, across 185 countries, and 17 global data centers. Not all clouds are created equally. Learn more and try for free at

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