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Wilson Develops

Driven by engineering growth for leading businesses around the world, Wilson Develops is dedicated to crafting award-winning digital products with beautiful and effective designs to cross-platform applications.

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From Humble Beginnings

Kyle Wilson started out in the web dev space by building small WordPress sites for friends and family. It didn’t take long before he realized people were making good money in the web-dev space, inspiring him to start his own freelance agency in order to help him work his way through college.

After building up a sizeable portfolio and a reputation as someone who can get execute well, one of his clients asked him for something more - a mobile app for their food delivery business. Having never done a mobile app before, Kyle recruited the help of a friend, and{” “}

Wilson Develops, LLC was born.

While transitioning into the mobile/web app space, Kyle started working with clients who had initially outsourced their projects, only to discover that the result wasn’t nearly up to snuff with what they had originally hoped for. After being recruited, Kyle and his team took this hodge-podge code and converted it into the dream product it was intended to be. For months, he was exposed to all sorts of bad practices, and got a first hand look at what could go wrong when dev shops took advantage of businesses who trusted them.

Bigger Projects, Bigger Challenges

Wilson Develops take an active approach during the development cycle. “Other dev shops would come in already assuming how to solve the problem.” said Kyle. “We come in and work with the business directly to solve it in a way that works for the client.”

Kyle discovered that by building up these relationships with his clients, he was able to gain more trust that helped him take on bigger development projects - with equally big challenges. He wasn’t just building websites anymore. He was building entire online presences for these businesses.

Part of what sets Wilson Develops apart is their ongoing maintenence/support for their customers. As his projects grew, so did the need to easily manage and scale their hosting needs. “I’ve never had an interest in DevOps or dealing with infrastructure.” said Kyle. In fact, for the majority of their existence, Wilson Develops outsourced all DevOps work to contractors.

Though the outsourcing saved him some time, it ended up causing more headaches dealing with third parties than initially anticipated. Frustrated by his shrinking margin and lack of quality he demanded for his clients, Kyle started looking elsewhere to manage deployments. “I’d get a deployment from a DevOps contractor that I wouldn’t know how to fix if something broke.” As luck would have it, Kyle had started talking with the CEO of another local business that specialized in simplifying the deployment process.

Chucking Out the Contractor Model

While talking with Cycle’s CEO Jake Warner, Kyle immediately saw the benefit of what Cycle could provide. He’d be able to eliminate his reliance on contractors, and save quite a bit of cost without sacrificing any quality. In fact, quite the opposite - his clients would benefit from more stable and performant deployments than before.

Kyle Wilson

Cycle let me get rid of my DevOps contractors and manage everything in-house, despite not having any formal experience. I've saved an average of 15-20 hours per month of billed contractor hours, allowing us to cut timelines and deliver more stable performance to our clients.

- Kyle Wilson | CEO & Founder

In addition to the product itself, the support offered by Cycle allowed Kyle to hit the ground running. “I love having access to the community slack channel.” said Kyle. “In addition to the live chat, it’s a great way to get help with the platform.”

Feeling empowered, Kyle has started setting his sights high for the next phase of Wilson Develops.

Doing More With Less

With Cycle as the engine powering their deployments, Wilson Develops has started taking on bigger and more challenging projects. “I love problem solving. I didn’t get in this to be a code monkey.” said Kyle. “Cycle is helping us to build apps we wouldn’t have been able to touch before.”

Not only is Wilson Develops using Cycle to power their customers, they’ve started using it internally too. Using some of their newfound time, Kyle has started developing an internal marketing SaaS platform to provide even better offerings. The sky is the limit for what challenges Kyle and his team are now able to tackle.

Being a smaller operation shouldn’t mean sacrificing a huge chunk of time to manage DevOps, or being forced to hire a third party to manage critical deployments. Cycle has helped Kyle level the field and stay competitive in a market that’s demanding more every day. As Wilson Develops, LLC continues to grow, they can rest assured that Cycle will be a platform they can rely on to scale with them.