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D4 Advanced Media is a creative design group specializing in web design, graphic design, search engine optimization, and internet marketing strategies for trendsetting businesses.

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Down The Managed Hosting Rabbit Hole

When it comes to their customers, D4 is committed to providing them with complete, custom solutions. Over time, requests came flooding in to help manage their client websites. The more they received, the more appealing managed hosting solutions became.

After receiving more and more demand to manage the websites D4 had built, it only made sense to move into managed hosting. Tying hosting together with their marketing led to major gains in SEO and security for their clients while alleviating the pain of managing infrastructure.

Dealing with Shared Hosting

As the growth of their managed hosting service continued, the infrastructure aspect of the business was becoming more of a burden than they’d hoped. Although the websites delivered a great visitor experience, managing the backend systems introduced several complexities for D4.

At the time, D4 relied upon a legacy VPS hosting provider managed by cPanel. With this VPS, D4’s system administrators routinely encountered difficulties with repeated downtime from the “Bad Neighbor Effect” resulting from an influx of traffic that overloaded their shared servers. When outages arose for their clients, D4 did not have the support they needed, leaving them with downtimes that should have been easily avoided. This left them at the mercy of their shared hosting provider.

This problem wasn’t going to solve itself.

Diving Head First Into Cycle

D4 was fascinated by Cycle’s solution to simplify container orchestration to easily build and manage multi-cloud environments while taking a proactive role to meet the needs of its clients.

Jake Coming

With Cycle, we dramatically reduced our time on infrastructure management which enables us to focus on the development of client experiences and grow our business.

- Jake Coming | Lead Developer

The collaboration was a natural fit. Pairing the power of the Cycle platform with a professional services engagement, Cycle’s team was able to help D4 seamlessly migrate their applications and websites to their own private cloud utilizing Equinix Metals’s bare-metal infrastructure.

This immediately made a significant impact on downtime while simultaneously increasing page speed, which directly improved the already boosted SEO rankings. When you combine those results with decreases in security incidents, it’s easy to see why moving to Cycle was a huge benefit for D4 and their clients.

Not only did D4 find a quality of life solution to their hosting issues, they found a partner in Cycle to help them take advantage of modern infrastructure and deployment strategies.

Dreaming Of New Possibilities

With infrastructure management off their plate, D4 was able to refocus on what they love - building great websites for their clients. Each time they migrated a new site, they could count on Cycle to “just work”.

Now, as experienced users, the D4 development team has started to branch into more programmatic deployments taking full advantage of Cycle’s REST API.

Without a doubt, D4 will continue to find new ways to deliver incredible value to their clients. At Cycle, we are incredibly proud to be working with such a dynamic team and can’t wait to see what the future holds with increasing projects to leveraging Cycle’s API in developing automated processes.

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