Custom apps that outperform off the shelf solutions, and an arsenal of experience drives business for BDG.

Collage of past projects

Hand Crafted Apps

The best custom solutions are delivered by teams that understand how the business works, that's what we focus on - crafting solutions that make sense, that solve problems these specific businesses are facing. It’s not really something off the shelf solutions do very well, and when you pair that with our local focus, our clients feel good about being able to get together and work through different issues and ideas.

- Brandon Gottier | CEO

The custom mobile app space is exploding. From food services, to mobile banking and bill pay, all the way to social media and all the new ways of creating content - now more than ever people are using their mobile devices for leisure. But consumers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of these pocket sized supercomputers. For many businesses, it’s becoming necessary to build internal applications as well. Scheduling, secure messaging, inventory, and really just about everything you’d traditionally do with a pen and paper is quickly becoming digitized.

For over 12 years now, BDG has been delivering mobile solutions to clients, mostly in the Reno, NV area. As the area has grown and technology has modernized, more and more of their work is moving from traditional websites into the mobile development space.

“I’ve been doing these mobile applications since back when we would use a technology called to do our dev environments and builds. An update would come out for Android or Apple and just break everything. Nowadays the whole ecosystem is a lot more refined and simple, and mobile development has become our number one type of development contract”, he says “it’s great, I love where we’re at and the opportunities we’ve had to make an impact on these projects”.

It’s important to Brandon, and the team, to keep the word custom true to its meaning. Almost every client they work with sees him on a face to face basis several times throughout the development cycle and they make it a point to understand the objective from a business level, not just software. “We are able to keep the team tight and really craft a custom solution”, he says, “we are using Cycle more each year and I love the development experience, the hub access controls, quickly rolling out changes - especially when you release continuous delivery pipelines - and knowing that I can really pick any deployment strategy I want without worrying about updating config files or patching servers, that’s super powerful”.

Critical Modernization

This year, a current user approached us with a problem. They needed to modernize an essential piece of internal software - a CRM and document management system that was vital to their everyday operations, and they wanted to migrate the application to Cycle. As a part of their mission-critical support package, we were able to offer this team guidance on the best way to solve both the migration and modernization of the program as well as help pair them with an incredible development team - already well versed in containers and Cycle.

We turned to BDG to see if they could deliver this project for the client on Cycle. They were able to jump right in, quickly providing the client with a list of upgrades that could be made quickly during the migration process and two different timelines for future upgrades. One timeline dove deep into the process of modernization and bringing the application up to speed with something fitting with the investment, while the other showed a new path that could use similar layouts and workflows that the clients team had become accustomed to, but with newer technologies that would make the app more scalable and flexible to future iterations.

“A lot of these upgrades will be pretty basic to start with, but will really make a big impact on what they can do with the app”, Brandon said to us after taking on the project and meeting with the client, “it will be good to get this current application up to speed and then they can assess what the best path is in a few months - whether thats a full rebuild or just adding services to what they already have.”

Further Together

The word ecosystem is used to describe a complex network or interconnected system. As a product that’s something we’ve tried to make available for teams looking to automate and optimize their cloud application life cycles - an ecosystem of abstractions that act as a bridge between your team and the complex nature of managing infrastructure, deployments, and beyond. Beyond the product lies the community. We chose to highlight this relationship and the solving of an inter-Cycle project because it shows that choosing Cycle as a business can give you access to other development groups that can deliver specialized projects and also shows that choosing Cycle as a base for your applications opens the door to a growing number of projects that are based around using the platform.

I followed up with Brandon to ask about the impact knowing and using Cycle over the years had on the projected budget and scope of the project and he had this to say.

One thing I'll always love about Cycle is it allows us to deliver a huge amount of value, especially for companies that have already adopted the platform. For this new collaboration, the fact that the client is already using Cycle to solve the deployment and infrastructure piece, means we're able to deliver around 30% more features over the same timeline - with no addition to the budget. That's a great feeling for a team like ours that values long term relationships.

- Brandon Gottier | CEO

There’s an old saying - “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. As the platform grows, we will continue to prioritize going far by fostering our current relationships and facilitating the collaboration between our users. If you want to take a look at some of the awesome projects BDG has been working on, check out their website here.