Exciting News at Cycle!

What We Have Been Up To

We are proud to announce some major changes for us at Cycle! As the platform grows, we have decided that our brand, and website, do not reflect who we are as a platform or company. These changes mean that developers and teams of all sizes will be able to utilize Cycle’s platform to help them crush their goals, and considering the challenges that this year has brought upon every organization, this is more important now than ever. This will allow us to continually simplify cloud orchestration giving teams the time to focus on their product and not on infrastructure.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

With a platform that has so much value, how can we easily communicate its potential to users? Well, with video, and we have created one that perfectly captures the advantages Cycle adds to an organization and why the platform is an invaluable tool for any developer and engineer. You can see this video on our Video Page or below.

A Fresh New Brand

Let’s face it, the Cycle brand began to feel a little drab and lifeless, which did not reflect our product or personalities. After this new rebranding effort, we feel that our brand now reflects who we are as a company, and believe it shows our commitment to creating the best cloud orchestration platform while empowering developers and engineers to create amazing and innovative products.

The Cycle Empowered Team

A Redesigned, Easier to Use Website

In tandem with our rebranding, we completely rebuilt our website, making it easier to navigate, find information, or sign up for Cycle. We are confident that this new website will be a great resource for information, just as Cycle is an invaluable resource for cloud orchestration. The website includes sections such as our blog, a demo page, tutorial page, and examples of how specific solutions (such as dev shops) can use and benefit from Cycle.

Our new website also makes it easier to evaluate whether Cycle fits your organization’s needs, get pricing information, and, of course, sign up for Cycle. We hope that moving forward you, our users, and future users will continue to assist us in adding value to our website by recording videos, or writing tutorials and blogs.

Pricing on Cycle

Pricing that Works for Any Team

Now, for the best part! We’ve consolidated our support plans and usage tiers into single, unified, plans to guarantee all of our users, big or small, get great support. Yes! We said more support—all of our paid tiers now include our standard support plan. This means that no matter how experienced your organization is with deploying containers, our success department will assist your team in your deployment, management, and ensure that your utilization of the Cycle platform goes smoothly.

Next, we now have a completely free plan that is perfect for small projects or testing the Cycle platform. Other than the free tier there are four other pricing tiers, which means there is one for any organization size. Plans now range from the aforementioned free, to enterprise, with a few in between like Lite and Premium. For information about the pricing tiers visit cycle.io/pricing.

Things to Come!

We are excited that you guys are all a part of our journey as we help rebuild the internet by simplifying container deployment and make cloud orchestration accessible to all organizations. If you have any further questions or comments about the new brand, redesigned website, or pricing, please contact info@cycle.io or me personally at dingram@cycle.io.

For further information and support, join our Slack community.