Solving the Biggest Little Problems with Cycle & BDG Web Design

Hi, I’m Chris Aubuchon and I’m an Engagement Specialist for Cycle. I recently sat down with the team at BDG Web Design to talk about what it was like to be an early adopter of the Cycle platform.

Brandon (CEO) and Damien (Lead Developer) of BDG, have been at this for some time. Brandon initially began learning web development as a hobby, while working at a hospital. After a few years and because of his growing passion for web development, Brandon left his job at the hospital to begin developing full time.

In September they celebrated their 10th year of business!

“We love building things and finding projects to build that are outside the box and creatively solving problems for our clients

~Brandon Gottier

As one of the first companies to adopt Cycle for managing their infrastructure and containers, BDG has added a powerful tool to their arsenal. By optimizing their deployment processes, BDG can focus on building complex solutions for their clients— including those around augmented reality, progressive web, and custom registration applications.

Chris: What does BDG look for in an ideal client?

BDG: Often times we will meet with people who have an off the shelf solution that just doesn’t fit their needs anymore. Really, if you have a customer base and are unhappy with how your app is performing, our team can help. We help with integrations, custom registrations, mobile applications… the bigger the problem the better. We love solving complex problems and believe in a fully transparent experience for our clients.

Chris: Do you remember when you first saw the Cycle platform? What initially grabbed your interest?

BDG: I remember we were halfway through a dev cycle, which can be an intense time to drop in a new technology. We needed a solution that would speed up infrastructure management and allow us to take full advantage of the benefits containers bring. It was really good timing and ended up being a great fit.

Photo by [rawpixel]( on [Unsplash]( Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Chris: What was your biggest concern when considering the Cycle platform? What put your fears to rest?

BDG: When we decided to go with Cycle, the Cycle team had just finished the v2 release. It was a brand new platform and we were in the middle of a project. We were sure that it was the right tool to fit our needs, but there’s always some apprehension when dealing with a new product. That being said, I was really happy with the support we received. The team responded to questions quickly and they were available to help when we got stuck.

Chris: What has been the most rewarding about being an early adopter of Cycle?

BDG: So far the most rewarding part of using the platform is the ability to click a few buttons and replicate the infrastructure. We can deploy infrastructure about 10 times faster than we used to. Also developing an application in this way allows for greater control and protection of application data.

Chris: Would you recommend Cycle to other Development teams?

BDG: Yes! Specifically we already have recommended the platform to another team as an up and coming technology on the horizon. It was a team that was unfamiliar with containers and I told them to consider Cycle because of the amazing support we received.

A big thank you to the team at BDG for taking time out of their busy schedule to take part in this review!

Still Have Questions?

If you want to dive in and learn more, head over to our slack channel. Our community is growing, and our team hangs out there daily. Feel free to shoot us a message any time with your questions and we’ll be sure to respond!

Of course, for a more in-depth look at how to use Cycle, check out our documentation.