New Video Series: Getting Started With Cycle — See How Easy It Is!

Cycle takes infrastructure to a completely new level by empowering you to build your very own bare-metal private cloud in 15 minutes. I can say that until I’m blue in the face, but until you see it, you probably won’t believe me.

That’s why we created a series of videos to prove it. Not only do we show you step by step how to build your own private cloud…we show you how to orchestrate an entire stack of containers across your infrastructure as well

In the first video, we go through the entire process of creating our project, choosing our provider and servers, and getting up and running. Total video length? 4 minutes and 14 seconds. That’s right, in just 4 minutes you can be on your way to better infrastructure. Check it out:

In the next video of the series, we show both how to quickly import a single image, as well as what a stack is and how to create and import one. That video weighs in at 5 minutes and 56 seconds — we’ll round up to six. In those six minutes you learn two different ways to import images onto the platform for deploying into your cloud.

The last video of the series covers deploying both your single image and stack onto your infrastructure. By the end of the 7 minute 27 second video, you’ll have two different applications up and running. The first, a simple web server. In the second, a Wordpress instance with a separate SQL database only available over the private network (no internet access).

Total time: 17min 37 seconds

In that time we go from nothing at all, to a fully provisioned bare-metal private cloud….and deploy two apps onto it. That’s with generous explanation! There’s simply no easier way to be in control of your own infrastructure.

We’ve got more videos planned for the near future to dive into more of Cycle’s features. Our next big video will show you how to utilize Cycle’s native VPN service to join your container’s private network. Subscribe to get notified when it’s released!

Still Have Questions?

If you want to dive in and learn more, head over to our slack channel. Our community is growing, and our team hangs out there daily. Feel free to shoot us a message any time with your questions and we’ll be sure to respond!

Of course, for a more in-depth look at how to use Cycle, check out our documentation.