What We’ve Learned: Top 3 Reasons CEOs and CTOs are Looking at Cycle.

In the past, CEOs have rarely considered the complexities behind infrastructure management when building a company, typically those issues were simply delegated to development teams or CTO’s. However, that trend is changing as CEO’s now recognize how early infrastructure decisions can affect their ability to innovate for the years to come.

The digital economy has changed the landscape of business entirely with many of the top publicly traded companies illustrating this shift. At one time, traditional industries dominated the public and private markets but that has quickly been replaced by technology companies. Technology and data now control the marketplace. Even publications like the Economist recognize this shift, last year they ran a cover stating that oil has been replaced by data as the most valuable resource in the world. Doing business in this new landscape makes infrastructure and security vital to companies.

Our team at Cycle has spent the last three years building the next generation infrastructure management and container orchestration platform. Cycle’s platform bridges cutting-edge container technology with the tried and true dependability of bare metal servers.

Through our meetings with business leaders ranging from blockchain startup founders to CEOs and CTOs at large established companies, we’ve found they all are looking at Cycle for the same reasons:

  1. Cost Savings: Complex infrastructure management creates significant cost for a company and misallocates resources. Cycle enables businesses to reallocate resources to focus on their own offerings by simplifying both infrastructure management and the processes involved in deploying software.
  2. Best Practices: Over the last couple years, containerization has become ‘best practice’ for optimizing software development and deployment processes. With Cycle, developers from a variety of skill sets and backgrounds can use the platform to test faster and deploy with ease. For companies who want to stay innovative and avoid working with legacy systems, Cycle becomes a necessity.
  3. Security: By utilizing single-tenant bare-metal servers to build private clouds, Cycle gives businesses peace of mind knowing their data and applications are physically separated from the rest of the internet. With new vulnerabilities always being discovered, companies who’ve put large investments into deploying onto public clouds like AWS are now rethinking their strategies.

In a short period of time, and driven by the demands of big data and highly scalable applications, infrastructure has quickly evolved from on-premises server closets to globalized cloud solutions. Cycle is combining the new school with the old school to offer one of the best solutions in the market for infrastructure management. Technology is not always about creating something new, sometimes it is about recognizing what works and improving upon it. Today, we can have the best of both worlds as Cycle offers the security and performance of bare-metal servers with the ease of use and powerful functionality we expect out of a modern cloud.

data breach

The Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Equifax data breaches are still at the top of our minds and if companies continue to keep their infrastructure and architecture decisions as a non-essential these events will continue to happen. As more CEOs see the importance of these decisions this will change the culture of how companies treat infrastructure and architecture, making the adoption of best practices a vital decision to their business. It starts from the top and why we are thrilled to see CEOs taking this vital part of business seriously.